Puppets & Puppet Masters
The Dark Order
Victorian Vampires
The Demons
The Pirates
Winifred the Witch
The Salty Seadogs
Fire Show!
Fire Performers
Suit of Armour
Sea-Shanty Sailors
Land Synchronized Swimmers
Old Man of the Sea
The Singing Chefs
Stilt Walking Waiters
Mrs Claus
The Elves – Hollydays!
Carol Singers
Ice King and Snow Queen
Banyan Theatre
Lukey Luke
The Candies
Bouncy Elves
The Jumping Jesters
The Rag Dolls
The Quiet Men
The Sunny Day Strollers
The Celtic Warriors
Pierrot Clowns
Sally Sod Trio
Leaping Leprechauns
Bouncing Bunnies
Alice & The Mad Hatter
Betsy & Belinda Butterfly
Pixie on Ladybird
Bee-yonce and Honey-Bee
Pixie Troupe
Borris the Magician
Professor Peartree Dragonologist
Magic Santa!
Aeroplane Pilots!
Granny Myrtle
Grandmothers Cottage
Wonder WIndows
Bouncing Grannies!
Le Croque Monsieurs
Mrs Mary Claus
Fairy Tales: The Book Fairy
Elf & Safety Team
Hip-Hop Pensioners
Gloria & Gladis: Angels on High
The Fibbideers
The MakeyUppers: Mystery Bag
Grimeena: Witch on Work Experience
Mystic Mavis
The Armagh Rhymers
Tiny Tour Show
Debutaunt Ducks
Grummus & Gus
Stilt Suffragette
Saint Patrick
Perrin the Elf
Hatter & Hatter
Pauline Phitness
The Mad Scientists
Luna Belle Hoop - The Venetian
The Fairy Godmother
Luna Belle Hoop
Luna Belle - Jilly Jelly Fish
Luna Belle - Lady of the Link
Luna Belle - Unicorn
Luna Belle - Genie
Luna Belle - Daisy Chain
Luna Belle - Harlequinn
The Crows
Frankie Stein
Day of the Dead Bride & Groom
Grumpy Dracula
The Headless Man
Lady of the Sea
Deep Sea Diver
Pearl the Mermaid
Detritus of the Deep
Magic Elf
Okey & Dokey on Rickshaw
Pirates Got Talent
Fancy Pants Circus
Tiny Toes Tex
Little Lord Nincompoop
The Science of Circus
Toy Box Wonders
Freaky Boxes
The Garden Gnomes
Willy Wonka
The Grand High Wizard
The Green Fairy




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